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Meat Ball Toasties

Meat Ball Toasties

A tasty, nutritious snack that's fun for toddlers to eat.


1 x 220g can Wattie’s Little Kids Macaroni & Mini Meatballs
2 slices bread
butter or oil spread
grated cheese


1. Thinly spread butter or spread on a slice of bread. Place it spread side down onto a sandwich maker.

2. Spoon the Macaroni & Mini Meatballs on top, and sprinkle with cheese. Top it with bread, spread side out, close the lid and toast until it's olden brown.

3. Cut each toastie into 2 pieces and allow them to cool. Be VERY careful when you dish them up as they get really hot in the middle!


Try toasties with a variety of fillings

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