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Mini Shepherds Pie

Mini Shepherds Pie

A tasty kiwi classic made easy! This recipe makes 1 - 2 servings and it’s prefect for busy mums and dads.


1 can Wattie's Steak and Vegetables
2 tsp cooked vegetables (peas, carrots and parsnip)
2 Tbsp potato, mashed
2 tsp cheese, grated


1. Add your cooked mashed vegetables to Watties's Steak & Vegetables.

2. Pop it in a small, heat proof container, spread mashed potato on top and sprinkle over your grated cheese.

3. Heat it for a few minutes in the oven until the potato browns a little, then let it cool.

4. Once you’re happy with the temperature just spoon the required amount into your baby's bowl!

If you want to make this meal for older babies, you can leave the veges a little chunkier, or add an extra portion of veges if you need to.

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