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Fruit Fondue

Fruit Fondue

This is a tasty treat for special occasions. It's great for kids to eat outdoors with their togs on, that way if there's any chocolate mess it's no biggie!


1/4 cup chocolate chips or melts
1/4 cup low-fat sour cream
orange rind (optional)
orange juice
pieces of raw or canned fruit


Heat the 1/4 cup of chocolate chips or melts, and 1/4 cup of low-fat sour cream. You can do this in a bowl over a pot of hot water, or pop it in the microwave at medium power for about a minute.

Add a little grated orange rind if you like a jaffa flavour, then heat it until the chocolate pieces melt through when you stir it. The mixture should be smooth, dark and tasty looking.

Thin it with two teaspoons of orange juice. You'll find it gets thicker as it stands, but you can gently warm it up to make it runny again.

Pop it in a bowl and serve it with lots of fruit for dipping. If you have tiny cocktail forks they're perfect to use on the fruit.

You can refrigerate the dip for days and just reheat it when required, or you can make tiny amounts like 1/4 of the recipe. If you serve it in a shallow bowl it'll mean less sauce and more fruit with each dip!

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