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Apple, Kumara & Mango with Beef

Apple, Kumara & Mango with Beef

Suitable for:
6 months+
Makes approx. 10 portions


200g beef, cut into 2cm dice
½ carrot, cut into 2cm dice
½ parsnip, cut into 2cm dice
5g baby spinach leaves, chopped
1x 120g pouch Wattie’s® ForBaby Apple, Kumara & Mango
mashed potato or cooked pasta for serving
Apple, Kumara & Mango with Beef


1. Combine beef, carrot and parsnip in a small saucepan. Add enough water (approx. 300ml) to just cover beef and vegetables. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 45-60 minutes or until beef is tender. Add spinach in last two minutes of cooking time. Cool slightly.

2. Using a handheld blender or food processor, puree beef and vegetables until a smooth consistency is achieved. Stir in Wattie's® pouch, mix well.

3. Use a portion to feed baby, then refrigerate remainder for another meal, or freeze in portions for later use.

Adjust consistency by adding rice cereal if required.Alternate vegetables can be used, depending what you have available or what your baby prefers. Try zucchini, pumpkin or broccoli.

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