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Apple, Blueberry & Strawberry Porridge

Apple, Blueberry & Strawberry Porridge

Suitable for:
8 months+


2 Tbsp Farex® Original multigrain cereal
4 Tbsp warm water or milk
2 raisins, finely chopped
¼ x 120g pouch Wattie’s® ForBaby Apple, Blueberry & Strawberry
2 tsp natural yoghurt
Cinnamon or soft fresh fruit, for serving
Apple, Blueberry & Strawberry Porridge


1. Combine cereal with warm milk or water and raisins. Mix well.

2. Spoon into serving bowl and drizzle with Wattie’s® pouch and yoghurt.

3. Top with cinnamon or soft fresh fruit of choice if desired.

Remaining pouch can be refrigerated for a later snack.The raisins can be replaced with dried apricots that have been soaked in warm water prior, or, with some cooked apple or pear, mashed banana, strawberries, blueberries, apricots, peaches or nectarines.

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