Baby milestones – here’s what to expect

Baby milestones – here’s what to expect

Wouldn't it be great if you were handed an instruction manual that told you what to expect in life! Especially with a new baby – it’s tough knowing what is supposed to happen when it's all a brand new experience. Here are a few things to expect during the early months.

Baby Milestones

Six week milestones 

It’s about time for your baby’s first smile. Have your camera charged and ready to go. Keep smiling at them, as it’ll encourage them to smile back. Your baby should also be able to focus on your face at this time.

Two month milestones

Hopefully you’re getting plenty of smiles by now. Your baby will also be trying to lift his or her head up, and they’re likely to react to loud noises. With any luck your baby’s sleeping pattern will be a little more settled..

Three month milestones

Your baby is smiling and laughing.  They’ll also be more alert and getting stronger.

Four month milestones

Your baby’s head control is starting to improve and this is important for when you’re introducing solids. You might find they can roll from side to side too.

Don’t forget that every baby is an individual, so don't be concerned if their progress is a little different to this.


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