Behind every great mum is a great partner

Behind every great mum is a great partner

It can be overwhelming watching a new mum in action. As a new Dad you can expect to go through plenty of changes yourself. The important thing to remember is that you and your partner are in this together. It can be a little confusing for everyone in the beginning, but the sooner you settle into your new routine, the sooner you can enjoy it all.


New Dads, partners, family members, close friends – here are some ways you can support a new mum when she needs it most.

Lend a helping hand – household chores… The new mum needs to rest and recover, particularly in those early weeks. Taking over household chores can give her time to do this.

Bonding with baby – there are plenty of times when you’ll be able to bond with your baby – bathing, cuddling or feeding.

Keep the visitors at bay – it’s easy to be inundated with friends and family members who want to stop by. If your partner isn’t up to it you can help by talking to them on her behalf. Just let them know you’re not ready for visitors yet, and you’ll let them know when it’s a good time to call or stop by.

Good vibes go a long way – words of encouragement, hugs, reassurance, these are all things that’ll make a big difference to your partner. You might assume she already knows, and hopefully she does, but it never hurts to say the warm fuzzy things out loud.

Patience is a virtue– if you have times where you feel helpless, left out, or if your partner is going through a blue patch, remember it’s not personal. Things will settle down.
If her baby blues seem to be really excessive, just keep an eye on her. You can always contact your GP if you’re worried.


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