Baby Blues: Feeling a little teary

Baby Blues: Feeling a little teary

A lot of new mums like a good cry after their baby’s birth; it’s an emotional time! Combined with physical exhaustion and more hormonal changes, it’s perfectly normal for women to feel the baby blues and get a tearful. It usually settles down in a few days after birth, and once you’ve worked out a breastfeeding routine. Establishing breastfeeding can take some time. Don’t feel like you should be an expert from day one, and ask for as much help as you need from your midwife or lactation consultant.


New Dads shouldn’t take it personally if their partner is feeling the baby blues, remember – she’s been through a lot. Be supportive of her, there might be days when she stays in her dressing gown till midday and cooking dinner seems like a monumental task - that’s all normal. It will pass and she will start feeling better, but if either of you are concerned make sure you contact your midwife or doctor for help.


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