Changes to the Wattie's for Baby® Range

Changes to the Wattie's for Baby® Range

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As a parent, we know what you feed your baby is important to you, which is why we want to let you know about a few changes to the Wattie's for Baby range. 

What's happening to Wattie's for Baby®?

Our Wattie’s for Baby jar range is getting a face lift and 7 yummy new recipes. The new recipes include Golden sweetcorn and chicken, Pear banana & berries with Greek style yoghurt, Chicken and vegetable risotto, Apple peach and passion rice pudding and Creamy tuna and vegetable pasta. Look out for new recipes, available from June.

For the complete range, click here.

What's happening to Wattie's® Organic?

With the overwhelming response to the Heinz Organic pouches, we thought it was time to check in again with parents so see what they wanted in organic baby food. After doing some research and talking with mums, we found that you wanted to see more from Heinz Organic. And mums asked for there to be one brand across both pouch and jar to make it easier to find what they were looking for when shopping for baby food. We listened and so we are introducing 13 new recipes from Heinz Organic with a new glass jar range to replace Wattie’s Organic. 

We have taken your favourite recipes from Wattie's Organic and re-introduced them under Heinz Organic so that you won’t have to miss out. These include Sweet Baby Vegetables, Pumpkin & Kumara with Beef, Butternut Pumpkin Pilaf, Lamb with baby vegetables, Pear blackberry and baby rice. We have also added delicious new recipes like Summer fruits & yoghurt with oats & quinoa, Macaroni Bolognaise, and Apple guava & berry porridge.

This means that Wattie's Organic will be phased out and replaced with the delicious new recipes from Heinz Organic.

For the complete range, click here.

Help! One of my baby's favourite flavours is no longer available? 

It's important to include a wide variety of foods in your baby's diet to encourage them to eat well and get plenty of nutrients. So, if a particular flavour that your little one enjoyed is no longer available, there's no reason not to try them on something new and there's plenty of new tastes in the Heinz Organic range to choose from. If your little one is being particular fussy, check out: Fussy eaters: Tips for making this work, or for specific advice, call our Careline team on 0800 55 66 66, or talk to your health professional.


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