Why Farex® is a great start when your baby starts solids

Why Farex® is a great start when your baby starts solids

The Farex range of infant cereals provides safe and nutritious cereal options for babies and are specially designed to match each stage of baby’s development.

The ‘Farex’ range includes baby rice cereals suitable as 'first foods' which are iron-fortified and based on ‘ground rice’ to provide a smooth lump free texture for babies just starting solids. Iron-fortified infant cereal / baby rice cereal is recommended by the Ministry of Health in NZ as a suitable first food for babies starting solids. 

Iron from foods is especially important from around 6 months when baby's natural iron stores are starting to decline. As with all of the ingredients used in our baby foods, the iron added to ‘Farex’ is an approved ingredient under the Food Standards Code Australia New Zealand.  When preparing baby rice cereal, it readily absorbs liquid so make sure enough breast milk, formula or water is mixed in with the rice cereal so it is a wet, runny consistency for baby to eat.

Farex cereals are safe, texture-appropriate, iron-fortified cereal options for babies of all stages, and Farex baby rice cereals have provided a trusted first food for generations of Kiwi babies.

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