How do I know if a baby formula is good quality?

How do I know if a baby formula is good quality?

How do I know if an infant formula is good quality?

This is a question which concerns many parents. There are many options of formula to choose from, and it can be confusing knowing which is most suitable for your baby.

Actually, all formula sold in New Zealand, together with Australia, must meet strict regulations which ensures the quality of these products.

Infant formula products are strictly regulated under the Food Standards Code for Australia and NZ. Foods Standards Australia and NZ (FSANZ) is an independent organisation which develops the regulations to ensure foods sold in NZ, including baby formula, meets nutritional and safety requirements, and can therefore be sold to the public.  Within NZ, the Ministry of Primary Industries oversees that all products comply with the standards.

The Food Standards Code has a specific standard for infant formula products (birth to 12 months).

This standard provides for the compositional, and labelling requirements for foods intended or represented for use as a substitute for breast milk, otherwise known as ‘infant formula products’.

This standard applies to all infant formula products whether in powder, liquid concentrate or ‘ready to drink’ forms.

The best nutrition for babies is breastmilk. Each individual parent is entitled to make a decision as to whether they fully breastfeed their baby or not. However, once the decision has been made not to breastfeed, it can be difficult to reverse.Breastfeeding is best for babies. Maternal nutrition requirements increase during breastfeeding. Before introducing infant formula, always seek professional advice, as once bottle feeding has been commenced it is difficult to reverse the decision. Partial bottle feeding may also adversely affect breastfeeding. Always use an infant formula as directed because improper use can affect the health of the infant. Always consider the social and financial implications before selecting a method of infant feeding.If you are considering using infant formula, it is important to discuss with your midwife (LMC), well child/Tamariki Ora Nurse or Plunket Nurse or lactation consultant or GP.


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