Breastfeeding and being a working mum

Breastfeeding and being a working mum

If you are considering going back to work and you're still breastfeeding, that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Many mums work full time and successfully breastfeed their babies. It just takes a little forward planning.


At work
Some work places have private areas where you can express breast milk during the day. You can keep it in the fridge until home time. Just make sure you store your breast milk carefully.  More information about breastfeeding at work can be found here.

At home
If you don't feel comfortable expressing at work you can breastfeed your baby at home. You’ll still probably be able to fit in three feeds each day, early morning, after work and before bed.

Supply and demand
It's true that the less often you breastfeed, the less milk your body will produce. So be prepared for your breastmilk supply to go down if you start cutting back on feeds. Expressing milk while at work will help maintain your supply.

Handy locations
Look for a daycare or crèche near your work. If you can breastfeed your baby during the day it’ll be a great deal for both of you.

Keep healthy
Make sure that you eat properly and get plenty of rest. Changing your routine and getting back into the working world can take a lot out of you. The most important things are you and your baby.  

Talk it over
Before you start back at work you can talk things over with your well child or Plunket nurse. Get your partner on board too. That way you’ll have a solid plan for when you start back in the working world and plenty of support around you.


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