Safety: keeping an eye on your toddler

Safety: keeping an eye on your toddler

Now you really have your hands full! Your toddler is mobile, curious and full of beans.

They won’t understand reason just yet (they probably won’t until they’re around eight years old) so explaining dangers to them, like why the road is a hazard, isn’t going to help much. To them, the road will be just another space. Instead, try to keep them away from any dangerous situations. That means keeping doors shut, putting equipment away and always having someone around to watch them.


Here are some safety tips to help you out:

  • Everything electrical – put safety plugs in all your power points, and connect safety switches where you can. Beware of any appliances that your toddler can reach, like heaters or stereos, and keep electrical cords well out of the way.
  • Beware of  the stairs – block access to stairs wherever you can. Toddlers can have some nasty spills down stairs and really hurt themselves.
  • Pot plants – keep your houseplants out of reach. Soil can carry viruses and bacteria, and for some reason many toddlers consider dirt to be a tasty treat.
  • Secure and locked – put safety locks on your cupboards and make sure anything hazardous is secure. That means medicine, chemicals, tools and anything sharp. Your toddler will play with almost everything they find.
  • Hanging low – be careful of power cords, tablecloths, or even the curtain cords that hang down. Anything your toddler can pull on, may send heavy things crashing down on them.
  • The hot stuff – be careful with hot drinks, food and pots when you’re cooking. Turn the pot and pan handles inwards so tiny hands can’t reach them.
  • Climbing – this might be one of your toddlers favorite pastimes. Put away step ladders or anything else they may clamber up.
  • Taking a trip – always use a regulation safety approved car seat for your toddler, even if it’s a quick trip down the road.

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