Keeping the mess to a minimum

As your little one learns to self-feed you can expect a certain amount of kitchen chaos. Here are a few things that can help.

  • Keeping the mess to a minimum
    Covering your toddler – a toweling bib is good for soaking up milk spills, but for full meals you’ll need a more heavy-duty option. Try a large wipe clean plastic bib, or a coverall bib that goes right over your baby’s sleeves. You can also get options with plastic trays at the bottom that’ll catch food on its way to the floor.
  • Covering your clothes – wear an old shirt or an apron. The odd mashed potato blob might come your way.
  • Covering your floor – you can buy specially made plastic spill mats that wipe clean pretty easily. Alternatively you can go for a towel or some good old-fashioned newspaper under the high chair to help catch spills.
  • Covering the high chair – if your high chair is plastic and has a removable tray it’s probably pretty easy to wipe down. For styles that are harder to clean you can try putting down a towel or an old sheet first.
  • Covering your bases – Wattie’s Baby Basics make baby bowls with non-slip pads and suction cups on the bottom so they’re less likely to get knocked over.

Lastly – have a damp cloth and some clean clothes on hand. Spills will happen from time to time, and you can’t catch them all!


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