Less of the bottle, more of the cup: 12 months on

By now your little one is likely to be using their bottle less (or they’ve stopped completely) and started using a cup.

Getting the hang of this can take some time, but you can buy trainer cups to help them make the transition. These are cups or tumblers with handles, and special no-spill valves to drink from.

Less of the bottle, more of the cup: 12 months on

The Wattie’s Baby Basics range has some good options, including a trainer cup that comes with three different lid options to help them progress.

If you can go for an open or a free-flow cup without a valve (like the final stage of the trainer cup) that’s even better. This will help your baby learn to sip properly, and it’s a lot better for their teeth.

Here are a few tips to help your toddler learn

  • Give your baby sips of water from a cup with their meals, as well as between meals.
  • Try slowly cutting out their bottle feeds, one meal at a time and get them to use a cup instead.
  • Keep at it! Getting them to use a cup every day is the key.

A few benefits of using a cup are:

  • Less decay – sipping sweet drinks from bottle is a major culprit of tooth decay in babies and toddlers. A cup is much better.
  • Using a cup can help improve your toddler’s hand eye coordination.
  • Cups are the great time saver. They’re much quicker and easier to clean than bottles.


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