Combining breast and formula: 12 months on

Breastfeeding is the perfect way of feeding your baby. But it’s not possible for every mum to continue fully breastfeeding.


When your baby becomes a toddler, some mums may find that a mix of breastfeeding and formula feeding can work well.

Be aware that if you start partially formula feeding, your breast milk supply will go down. This is because your body makes breast milk on a  supply and demand basis. However, if you wish to fully stop breastfeeding, this isn’t an issue. 

Tips to help your toddler adjust to formula:

  • If you’re using a bottle, try giving them one with a natural shaped teat
  • Check the formula is the right temperature
  • Choose a time when your toddler is hungry, but not too tired
  • Ask your well child or Plunket nurse, or midwife for support if you find it difficult to make the transition.


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