Toddler Food: 12 months on

Once solid food is a major part of your toddler’s nutrition it’s time to start introducing new flavours, colours and textures to encourage their development.  From 12 months you can also move on to Wattie’s Stage Four toddler foods. These are the Little Kids meals with the orange labels. These are designed to provide them with the right mix of nutrients for their age.

Toddler Food: 12 months on

Your baby can now eat most of the foods that grown ups eat. Make sure you give them a good selection of tastes and textures to keep them interested.

Food for toddlers - Here’s what to look out for:

  • Self feeding – your little one is probably pretty keen to feed themselves at this stage. This is great for their mental and physical development.
  • Prepare for the mess – it’s part of the fun! Your toddler has discovered a whole new world to play with. Have a large bib and plenty of damp cloths on hand.
  • Hanging out – mealtimes are social and your little one will probably want to join in with the rest of the family. 
  • Chewing – learning to chew is an important part of your toddler’s development. They don’t need all their teeth to do it – chewing with gums is fine.
  • A little suspicious – it’s normal for toddlers to be a little dubious of new foods at this age. Keep offering up variety and plenty of finger foods. They’ll move past this stage.



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