My toddler drinks a lot of milk, but is fussy with food!

Fussy eating is very common for toddlers (aged 1-3 years). Some days your toddler seems to live on fresh air alone, and other days he eats a wider range of foods. Healthy toddlers usually eat what they need to!

My toddler drinks a lot of milk, but is fussy with food!

Drinking too much cow’s milk is a common reason for fussy eating. If your toddler drinks too much milk it can fill up their tummies and ruin their appetite for other important foods. Try to offer milk after a meal, and limit to 2 cups per day (around 500 mL) so your toddler is hungry at meal times.

Often foods your toddler rejects are savoury foods which are high in iron and other essential nutrients. Iron is essential for healthy growth and development and if your toddler is low in iron they become tired, prone to infections and may even have difficulty in learning. Make sure you offer your toddler a good variety of foods rich in iron every day including meat, chicken, fish, legumes (e.g baked beans) and green leafy vegetables.

If you toddler is a particularly fussy eater, it can be useful to use an iron-enriched toddler milk drink instead of cow’s milk. Toddler milk drinks are based on cow’s milk but contain additional nutrients including added iron. One cup of a toddler milk drink can provide a good proportion of your toddler’s iron requirements for the day, so it provides a great boost in addition to a balanced diet. 


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