Crawling: getting about on all fours

Crawling: getting about on all fours

Before they can walk, your baby will learn to crawl. This will be their way of getting around for a while, and you can expect them to start any time between six and 10 months. Some babies will learn quickly, but don’t be surprised if it takes them a couple of months to get the hang of it.

Crawling: getting about on all fours

This is what you might see:

  • No help, thanks - first up your baby will be able to sit well unsupported. This means their muscles, especially their neck muscles, will have developed enough for them to support the weight of their head and keep it upright.
  • Little push ups – as they lie on their tummy your baby will learn to do tiny little push ups in order to get to their knees.
  • Going mobile - you'll no doubt see a few weird movements and method of getting around (bottom scooting, rolling - you name it!) but eventually they’ll push up on to their knees and start to move around on all fours.
  • Be ready – it’ll take plenty of practice, but soon enough your baby will be an unstoppable crawler. Remember this process can take a couple of months and there’ll be some golden moments, so have that camera on hand!
  • Baby proof - once your little adventurer is mobile they're likely to want to explore. It’s time to start baby proofing. Ensure any hazardous chemicals and equipment are kept in locked cupboards, or well out of reach. Watch out for low hanging chords, or table cloths that your baby could pull on too. If there’s a particular room to be wary of it’s the kitchen!

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