Eight months and beyond: a few things to expect

Eight months and beyond: a few things to expect

Here’s a guide of some of the things you can expect from eight months onwards.

Eight months and beyond: a few things to expect


Your baby’s personality will be showing more, and their fine motor skills will be progressing. You can expect them to have better hand and eye co-ordination around this age, play actively and understand things like how their toys relate to one another. They’ll probably be able to clap grasp things fairly well and may be interested in feeding themselves!


They’re getting bigger every day. Don’t be surprised to see your baby gain something like 100g per week. During the first year of life, they'll grow quickly.  Their appetite might fluctuate, which is normal, but your baby should never go too long without food. From time to time there'll be 'growth spurts' and you might notice a change in the amount they eat around then.


It’s good idea to get into some routine with food. In the early days it's better to give milk feeds when they're hungry rather than sticking to a strict time, but the ultimate goal is to get baby to feed at regular times during the day. Also try to have them on 3 solid meals a day by about 7 months old.

Changing foods

Once your baby is happy taking solids from a spoon you should progress them on to more lumpy food. This is essential for babies to learn how  to chew and develop their jaw muscles.  By this age you can start offering finger foods.  Some babies might be ready as early as six months. This is a great way of giving them more independence at mealtimes and letting them try even more interesting textures. They still might not have a lot of teeth, but they’ll chew well with their gums!


There are a lot of un times to be had here! They may want to play a few games and have a good splash.  The thing to remember is never leave them alone in the bath, if the phone rings or there’s someone at the door – let them wait. Your baby’s safety is much more important than rushing to answer it.


At eight months is normal for your baby to be crawling, or learning to crawl. Once they’re mobile it’s time to be extra careful - they can get about on their own and they’re curious! If you haven’t baby proofed your home yet that’s something on the top of your ‘to do’ list.

Pulling up to stand

It’s likely your little one will pull his or her self up to a standing position, using furniture as support. They might even cruise from one piece of furniture to another – that means they’re well on their way to those first baby steps!


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