Hands on feeding: giving your baby finger foods

Hands on feeding: giving your baby finger foods

From around seven months onwards is a good time to introduce finger foods. It’s a great way to give your little one more independence at meal times, make food interesting and to help develop their hand eye coordination skills.

Your baby might not have all his or her teeth yet, but it’s also a good way to get them chewing – even with just gums! Stick close by though. You’ll want to supervise them to make sure they don’t choke on anything.

Hands on Feeding: giving your baby finger foods

Good finger foods to start with:

  •   Slices of soft, ripe fruit like banana, mango or nectarine (without skin or seeds)
  •   Cooked, cooled vege sticks, like carrots or beans or small cucumber sticks
  •   Rusks

Once they get the hang of it try:

  •   Soft toast or bread fingers (thin slices or ‘soldiers’)
  •   Small portions of cheese
  •   Cooked pasta
  •   Soft cooked chicken slices

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