Food on the go: travelling with your baby

Food on the go: travelling with your baby

Taking a trip means forward planning on your part. Here are some things that can help.


Bottlefeeding - take some bottles filled with cool boiled water, and take some pre measured formula powder that you can mix on the go. Sachets of formula can also be useful when travelling.

On Solids - Wattie’s baby foods in cans and jars are ideal. They’re sterile, don’t need to be refrigerated, and they’re easy to serve. Take the ones your baby is happy to eat cold.

Break it up - if you’re travelling by car make sure you take regular breaks. There are usually plenty of ‘baby friendly’ places where you can change your baby or stop for a breastfeed.

Overseas – when you’re flying, it’s always a good idea to have your own supply of your baby’s favourite foods -especially on long flights.. Airlines have different policies about bringing opened cans of formula on board, so make sure you call first to check. You may need to travel with formula sachets, or board the plane with an un-opened can. Always take extra formula and food on the plane with you in case of delays.

Airline staff will generally be happy to supply bottled water for you to make up formula, and to warm bottles for you. If you want to take your own bottled water on board, call the airline first to check if you are able to, as many airlines don’t like you taking liquids onboard.

 If your baby is drinking from a cup you should carry your baby’s own drinking cup with a lid to avoid spills


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