Rice cereal and iron

Iron is an essential mineral for healthy growth and development for your baby. At birth they’ll have a natural supply of iron, but by six months it starts to run low so they need more iron from food.

Rice Cereal and Iron

Iron-fortified rice cereal is a great first food for babies. The New Zealand Ministry of Health food and nutrition guidelines along with other international guidelines (such as Australia and the UK) recommend iron-fortified baby cereals as first food options. Farex baby rice cereals are iron-fortified so they are an excellent way to boost your baby's iron intake. They can be prepared with baby's usual milk (breast milk or formula) for a familiar taste. Start with a smooth runny texture - perfect for those first foods. As baby gets older the texture can gradually be increased to a thicker, creamy texture. Small amounts of iron-fortified infant rice cereals can also be added to recipes such as cooked and pureed fruits and vegetables to thicken and help increase iron intake. 

All of the Farex dry infant cereal range are fortified with iron and are specially formulated for each important developmental stage. So once your baby is used to rice cereal and is 6 months or older, you can try some of the other infant cereals for more flavour and texture variety.


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