How Wattie’s baby food is made

How Wattie’s baby food is made

Wattie’s have been making baby food for Kiwi babies since 1958!   

Here’s how it’s made:

  1. Wattie’s® baby food is made in our specialist baby food factory in Australia with stringent quality and allergen controls.
  2. Our baby food recipes are developed by product development specialists who ensure each product is appropriate for baby’s age and stage of development.
  3. Ingredients are carefully selected to meet our high quality standards.
  4. Large pots called kettles are used to cook the ingredients. Water used during cooking remains in the food.
  5. The food is pureed and mashed and produced to the applicable texture.
  6. Jars, cans and pouches are filled. Then a final heat step in the packaging gives the unopened products shelf life, without the need for adding preservatives.
  7. Delivering Wattie’s® baby food in a range of flavours and textures for Kiwi babies.
  8. Wattie’s make a financial contribution to Plunket with sales of select products. Wattie’s and Whānau Āwhina Plunket have been proudly working together to support NZ babies for more than 30 years.



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