How do I tell if my baby has eaten enough?

As your baby gets older you can start to wonder if you’re giving them the right amount of food – especially now they’re having solids. Luckily, babies and toddlers are very good at knowing when they’ve had enough and when they’re still hungry, so let them guide you. Your role is to offer suitable foods in the right textures, and let your baby decide how much they want to eat.
Sometimes it might seem like they’re not getting enough, but remember they have little tummies. As a guide at 7 months baby may eat between 2 tablespoons and ½ cup of food at each meal, but every baby’s appetite is different. It’s also important to remember there’s a lot going on in your baby’s world. They’re growing, they’re learning, and you’re likely to be giving them new foods to try. Don’t be surprised if their appetite varies from day to day or if your baby rejects some foods or spits food out.

How Do I Tell if My Baby is Full?

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Odds are they’ve had enough when:

Flat out refusal - refusing to swallow, spitting food out, pushing their spoon or bowl away, refusing to open their mouth or turning or shaking their head. (Although sometimes spitting food out a lot might be a simple case of them getting used to new tastes. You may need to offer a food to them several times, even up to 10 times, before they’ll accept it!)

General unhappiness – noises, faces and gestures that tell you no.

Waterworks kick in - crying or grizzling can tell you they’re full.

If baby appears happy, healthy and they’re gaining weight, then they’re probably getting the right amount of food. However if you have concerns about your babies food intake or weight gain make sure you consult your health professional.


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