They look so peaceful: sleep at four to six months

They look so peaceful: sleep at four to six months

With any luck those broken nights you had in the early days will have gone. As your baby grows, they’ll feed less often at night and sleep for longer stretches. By about four months they’ll most likely spend twice as long asleep at night as they do during the day. That could add up to a blissful eight hours of sleep for you both.


There are plenty of things you can do to help teach your baby good sleeping habits too; here are a few useful ones.

  • Self settling - let your baby learn to settle his or her self. You can do this by putting them down in their bassinet or cot when they’re drowsy, but not asleep.
  • Ignore the racket – it can be a good idea to let your baby to get used to sleeping through noise. The house doesn’t need to be completely silent when they are asleep.
  • Be a sponge – everyone is different, you’ll find plenty of tips that have worked for other people in parenting books and magazines. You can also talk to your health professional – just be aware that we’re all different and the same tips can work differently for each of us.

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