Equipped for mealtime: products you might need

Equipped for mealtime: products you might need

There’s an entire industry out there devoted just to baby products. Here’s a list of the essentials.

Equipped for Mealtime

Breast pumps

There are manual types, which need you to squeeze a handle, and automatic types that run off batteries or mains power. You can also get single (one breast) and double (both breasts) options, so you’ll be able to find one that suits. All breast pumps will come with an instruction manual explaining how to use, clean and store your breast pump. You can buy breast pumps from retail stores, pharmacies and the internet. Your midwife, well child or Plunket nurse or GP will also know where you can buy them from.


There are different varieties available, and there isn’t a set rule around what you should use. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. Go for something that you find easy to clean and that your baby likes  – you may end up trying several different types while you figure out what works best.

You can also get different teats with one hole or multiple holes for faster flow. Single holes are good for encouraging sucking in younger babies, while older babies may need multiple holes versions.


They usually don’t cost a fortune, you can get plenty of different versions and will save you a lot of time cleaning your baby and changing their clothes after a meal.

There are large and small sizes (larger ones are better if your baby is learning to feed themselves) plastic versions, cloth versions and different closures like snap buttons, strings or Velcro.

Finding what works for you might take a bit of experimenting, but there’s no shortage of choice. Try to choose something that’s soft on your baby’s skin and that you can easily clean. It’s a good idea to have several so you can go a few days without doing a load of laundry if you need


You can buy microwave steam sterilisers as well as sterilising solution. Whatever you opt for make sure you read the instructions that come with them as they can vary between manufacturers.  Don’t forget you can also sterilise equipment with the old fashioned boiling method.

Plates and cups

There’s no shortage of options here, you’ll be spoilt for choice with plastic baby plates and spoons. They’re handy because they’re light and won’t break when they’re dropped, and the spoons are gentle on gums and new teeth.

Take a look at the Wattie’s Baby Basics range. They’re all designed with your baby’s development and safety in mind. There’s a full selection that’ll take you right through their toddler years.


There are many nursing pads options such as disposable and merino to keep your nipples dry and protected. It might be trial and error to find what works for you.

Handheld Blender

This one isn’t essential, but it’s definitely something to think about. An electric handheld blender is ideal for small amounts of food – you can puree just what your baby needs so there’s no waste.


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