Am I producing enough milk?

Am I Producing Enough Milk?

It’s normal to wonder whether you’re feeding your baby enough each time, or if you should be feeding more often. Happily, your baby will dictate a lot of this. They tend to let you know when they’re hungry, and when they’ve had enough. It’s just about you being flexible and getting to understand their patterns.

As you breastfeed, hormonal changes and the more your baby feeds will encourage milk production, so trust that your body knows what to do.

You know your baby is well fed if they seem satisfied after their feeds and produce lots of wet nappies (6-8 wet nappies in a 24 hour period). They should also gain weight steadily, have times when they’re awake and alert, and your breasts and nipples shouldn’t be sore.

Remember if you have any questions you can chat to your midwife (LMC), well child or Plunket nurse, lactation consultant or any breast-feeding support groups.


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