Wattie’s baby food range

Wattie’s baby food range

Wattie’s® baby food and Wattie’s® Organic baby food offer a range of specially prepared baby food products for different developmental age stages in jars, cans and pouches. All of Wattie’s® baby food products are made with no artificial colours or flavours, and no preservatives.

Wattie’s® Colour Coded Baby Food

To help make shopping for baby food easier, Wattie’s® baby food range has colour coded packaging with ‘age stage buttons’ so you can choose what you need at a glance.


Each colour range has a different flavour or texture to suit your baby’s age and stage of development. 



Stage 1: Blue Label first foods 4-6+ months

These are foods with a puréed texture that are suitable for your baby when they’re first starting on solids at around six months old (but not before four months). These pouch and can recipes feature vegetable and fruit ingredients. Farex® baby rice cereal is iron-fortified and is also a great first food.



Stage 2: Red Label foods 6+ months  

These include foods with a puréed or mashed texture, suitable for babies from six months onwards. The Wattie’s® red labelled baby food range is designed to give your baby an increased variety of flavours and textures. 


Stage 2-3: Yellow Label custards 6+ and 8+ months

These are a range of custards, including our new no added sugar varieties for babies from six months onwards. They are yummy as an occasional treat for dessert.



Stage 3: Green Label foods 8+ months 

These foods are suitable for babies from eight months onwards. They provide an increased variety of tastes, and the jars provide more challenging soft lumpy textures and a larger portion size for growing appetites. 

Stage 4


Little Kids: Orange label foods from 1-3 years

The Wattie’s® Little Kids meals range, suitable from 1 year onwards, is a great way to introduce family favourite meals. These are delicious meals with a chunky texture and are quick to heat and serve to your toddler when you are short of time. 

Babies will vary in their stages of development and what foods they can manage and when. Remember that just because your baby is progressing through the food stages, it doesn't mean you need to stop feeding them foods from the previous stage if it’s a favourite.  You can also add other cooked fruit or vegetables to increase texture or add vegetable recipes to a meal for fussy eaters.



It is important to continue to progress the texture of baby’s foods from pureed, mashed to lumpy to more family style foods at 12 months. The increase in textures of foods is important for babies to develop biting and chewing skills and encourage acceptance of a wide variety of foods.  Learning to chew stimulates and strengthens jaw muscles needed for speech.  To reduce the risk of choking always offer soft textured foods which are appropriate for your baby’s stage of development.


We recommend that babies are spoon fed our Wattie’s® baby food and not fed directly from the pouch. This is because spoon feeding is important for babies to learn how to eat and chew food, and baby can also see, smell and touch the food – an important part of the learning experience!


Serving Wattie’s® baby food:

Wattie’s® baby food can be served cold or warm.

To serve cold, simply squeeze pouch into a bowl, or spoon baby food from the jar or can into a separate feeding bowl. Or you can spoon feed the baby food directly from the packaging.

To serve warm, stand feeding bowl or pouch of baby food in a bowl of hot water until warm. Stir the food or gently shake the pouch until the even desired temperature is reached. Alternatively, squeeze or spoon the baby food into a microwave safe bowl and heat until warm. Stir the food well and leave to stand before feeding, as microwaves can produce hot spots which could burn your baby’s mouth. Do not microwave Wattie’s® baby food in the pouch as it is not microwave suitable.

An adult should always test the food temperature with another spoon before serving to baby.

Throw away any leftover uneaten or remaining heated baby food from the bowl, pouch, jar or can that baby has been fed directly from.

Once a baby food pouch or jar has been opened, store in the fridge and enjoy with 48 hours. Once a can is opened, refrigerate any food left in the can in a suitable sealed container for up to 48 hours.


For more information on Wattie’s® baby food products, you can contact our Careline nutritionists on 0800 55 55 66.



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