Very First Solids - what to offer

What to Offer Your Baby in the Beginning

Your baby has a lot more taste buds than you do, so even bland food can be a flavour sensation! Remember, up until now your little one has just been used to the taste and liquidness of milk- getting used to the texture and taste of solid foods will be quite an adjustment for them. Be patient, expect a few messy mishaps, and be calm and persistent. It can take babies 10 or more tastes of a new food to get used to it and accept it.

Start with small amounts of a single ingredient food. As a very first food, it's popular to use a rice cereal like Farex Baby Rice or Wattie's Rice Cereal mixed with breastmilk or formula to give a familiar taste and a smooth, runny texture. Infant cereals are also iron-fortifed so they give your baby extra iron which is necessary at this stage. 

You can also try suitable fruit or vegetables cooked and pureed until smooth. Pumpkin, potato, kumara or carrot are all good choices, or if you're giving them fruit try cooked and pureed apple or pear. Try mashed smooth ripe avocado and banana.

As baby gets used to these foods, introduce iron-rich foods such as cooked pureed meat, chicken and fish - excellent as an iron boost because your baby's iron stores start to run low around 6 months.

Wattie’s Baby Foods in the blue label cans and jars are all suitable first foods and can give you a good idea of the correct consistency to aim for.


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