What are you trying to say? Learning to speak baby.

Right from the start your baby can communicate, just not the same way we expect as adults. One of the main ways they tell you they need something is with crying. Of course every baby is different, so it takes a bit of practice figuring out what your baby’s cries mean, but it’s likely to be one of these things.


I’m hungry – milk, please

Newborn babies need to be fed every two or three hours. It’s highly likely that they’re crying because they’re hungry.

I’m tired – put me to bed

We all need our sleep; but your baby needs much more than you do. Often they may be crying because they’re tired and need you to put them to bed. Being over tired can make them more irritable and harder to settle.

I have the hiccups!

Babies have tiny stomachs and they need small amounts of milk often. If they’re crying and/or hiccupping, you may need to burp them to help them bring up wind. This will hopefully relieve some of that discomfort.

I need to be changed…

Some babies know right away that they need a fresh nappy and will let you know, others may not and you could find yourself needing to investigate!

Mum, Dad - I miss you.

As a rule babies like to be cuddled a lot, they may just want to be picked up, hear your voice or see your face. Despite what people will tell you, you can’t spoil your newborn by cuddling them!


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