Double the fun: feeding twins

Double the fun: feeding twins

Feeding two little bundles of joy can be challenging and it may take you longer to get the knack of breastfeeding. You can nurse your babies separately at first if that’s easier, but once you are more familiar with feeding you might want to feed them both at once to encourage your milk supply and save time. Multiple birth clubs are a great source of information and support for mums of multiples.


Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • Use a pillow – you can use this for support, or to raise your babies up to your breasts for a more comfortable feed. Consider buying a v-shaped feeding pillow designed especially for twins. It provides extra space and support for your babies while it frees up your hands
  • Alternate – you can alternate breasts with each feed, especially if one twin has more of an appetite! It’ll help you produce equal amounts of milk in both breasts and reduces the risk of blocked ducts and engorgement. If you’re not great at remembering who fed on which breast last, try swapping every day – you can even put it in a calendar to remind you.
  • Be flexible - feeding your twins together can save time, but your babies might have other ideas. One might want to snack often; the other might not want to feed for hours. It’s about finding a pattern that works for all three of you.
  • Give yourself a break – try letting your partner take on some of the work. Expressing some milk after each feed can allow your partner to have a go at feeding. Maybe you can even sneak in a much-needed nap!

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