Third trimester: everyone will want to pat your tummy

Third trimester: everyone will want to pat your tummy

Final stage! The third trimester runs from 28 weeks until birth. It’s during this time that your baby’s weight will triple and you should be eating well to fuel you both. Let’s not mince words, the 3rd trimester can be uncomfortable at times, but remember it’s only temporary and you’re about to get a bouncing wee baby.

Third trimester of pregnancy

It leaves me breathless

If you’re feeling a little puffed there’s a reason why. Your expanding uterus is pressing against your diaphragm. Just relax and take it easy. Now is not the time to be attempting anything too strenuous.

I’m carrying enough water to fill a lake

During your third trimester most mums-to-be are likely to retain a fair bit of water. Your ankles, feet and fingers may all swell, and you probably won’t want to stand for any long period of time.

The only time you should be concerned about this is if swelling is very severe and accompanied by headaches, dizziness, nausea or visual disturbances. If this happens you should see your lead maternity carer straight away, as it could indicate something more serious.

I’ve got the urge to scratch

As your skins stretches over your bump it can get a little itchy. Using a gentle moisturizer on the area can help ease this. It’s unlikely, but if you find the itching is severe, especially at night, make sure you contact your lead maternity carer.


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