Snack and meal ideas when pregnant and breastfeeding

Got the munchies?

You may be surprised at how hungry you get in the later stages of pregnancy and when you're breastfeeding. Breastfeeding especially can burn up a lot of calories as your body needs extra fuel to produce a constant supply of precious breast milk to nourish your little one.

Eating regular healthy meals and snacks is essential to supply you and baby with the energy you need, so it's important to stay well fed and watered. This doesn't mean it's a wise to fill up on high sugar, high fat foods and snacks. These typically are nutrient poor foods with lots of 'empty' calories which can lead to too much weight gain during pregnancy. This can make it difficult to get back to your normal weight once baby is born and you are busy being a mum.

Make sure you wash fresh fruit and vegetables well, especially if you are pregnant.


Being organised with healthy snacks is often the key to eating well. Here are a few food suggestions and tips to make it easier for you:

• Dried fruit – sultanas, apricots, dates

• Sandwiches

• Vegetable sticks

• Fresh fruit or pottles of fruit

• Creamed rice

• Canned soup

• Popcorn

• Yoghurt & yoghurt smoothies

• Low fat crackers and cheese, tomatoes or avocado

• Nuts e.g. raw almonds


Lunch-time, especially for those working away from home throughout their pregnancy, can be a tricky time for making healthy, safe food choices. Here are some lunch ideas that are nutritious and safe:

• Sandwiches or toast using whole grain bread with the following toppings or fillings:

- Peanut butter

- Canned salmon or tuna

- Lettuce, grated carrot, avocado

- Baked beans

- Cheese and tomato or celery

- Mashed banana

• Canned or pottle soups, with toast

• Baked potato - microwaved and topped with cheese, beans or tuna

• Canned, pouch or frozen prepared meals to be heated at work

For more information on eating well, contact our Forbaby health professionals on 0800 55 66 66, or visit the 'ask an expert' page.

The materials published on this website are of a general nature and have been provided for informational purposes only. Always consult your medical practitioner or a qualified health provider for any further advice in relation to the topics discussed.


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