Preparing your Body for Pregnancy

Gaining weight is a natural part of being pregnant. While it’s also true that too much weight gain can affect your health and increase your blood pressure, it’s not a good idea to diet while you’re pregnant. This is because it can leave you low in nutrients like iron and folic acid, which can have side effects for both you and your baby.

The key is maintaining a balance. Here are a few tips for a relaxed, sensible approach to nutrition during those all-important nine months.


Good calories – these are the ones that matter most! If you make up the bulk of your diet from nutritionally dense food it can help you keep your weight in check. It means you’re eating just what you need to, and not a load of extras.

Hollow victories – empty calories are simply that. These come from high sugar or high fat foods without much else in the way of nutrients.   So while you still need to burn them off, your body doesn’t get the benefit of a good  range of nutrients. it. Making these occasional treats, not regular snacks will help you maintain a balanced diet. 

Stress less - if you are worried about any aspect of your weight gain, the best thing to do is to speak to your lead maternity carer. They can give you plenty of tips and help you put together a sensible eating plan.

You can also contact our friendly nutrition experts for some good suggestions for healthy eating.


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