A 'star' among fats: Omega- 3

The Omega 3 group of fatty acids are important for your own health as well as your baby's development. All fish contains some Omega 3 but it is particularly high in oily fish like fresh tuna and salmon, or canned sardines. Fish is also a rich source of protein and other nutrients making it a great food to eat regularly when you are pregnant. Because some species of fish contain higher levels of mercury, in NZ guidelines have been developed for pregnant women around which fish are the safest to eat regularly during pregnancy, and which species you need to avoid or eat less often. Read more about the safest varieties of fish to eat.

If you’re not keen on fish, you can still get Omega 3 fats from plant sources like nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. Walnuts are a good options, as well as sunflower, canola and flaxseed oil.


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