Tips for snacks and quick meals

Smashed Egg Sandwiches
  • Drink water when you’re thirsty, and eat extra fruit, vegetables and grainy bread when you are hungry. Expect that your appetite will change from day to day.
  • If you’re grabbing takeaways, try to choose options that aren't heavily battered or fried. Grilled fish or chicken is better than deep fried. Thai or chinese takeaways along with plenty of cooked vegetables are also better choices, especially if served with piping hot steamed rice, rather than fried rice.
  • Quick supermarket meals like baked beans, canned spaghetti, pasta and sauces, frozen or canned vegetables, and canned soup. You can also buy ready made meals – just ensure they’re served piping hot all the way though to kill off any bacteria.
  • Quick supermarket snacks might include canned fruit, bread, canned fish, yoghurt, milk, biscuits, or crackers and pasteurized cheeses. Eggs are always a good choice, just make sure they’re cooked thoroughly as uncooked eggs can carry salmonella.
  • You may need a snack in the night if you’re up breastfeeding. Try making a sandwich in advance. Even a cup of milk – warm or cold is good.


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