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Feeding time: mealtime for your newborn

During your baby’s first three months they do a lot of growing so you’ll want to make sure they’re well fed. All babies have their own timelines, but new babies need to feed at


least every two or three hours.

Breastfeeding is ideal for your baby because breastmilk contains all the essential nutrients in exactly the right balance.  Breastmilk is the optimal food for babies and breastfeeding provides many positive benefits for the mum as well. 

Remember, if you need more support you can contact your midwife, Plunket Nurse or Well Child Health provider if you need more advice on how to successfully breastfeed.

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Waipuna's Comment

yes breast milk in bottle first if not try a different type of teat or even bottle. my baby wouldn't drink from plastic bottles but would from glass ones unsure why but itnwas his choice.

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