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Hands on feeding: giving your baby finger foods

From around seven months onwards is a good time to introduce finger foods. It’s a great way to give your little one more independence at meal times, make food interesting and to help develop their hand eye coordination skills.

Your baby might not have all his or her teeth yet, but it’s also a good way to get them chewing – even with just gums! Stick close by though. You’ll want to supervise them to make sure they don’t choke on anything.

Hands on Feeding: giving your baby finger foods

Good finger foods to start with:

  •   Slices of soft, ripe fruit like banana, mango or nectarine (without skin or seeds)
  •   Cooked, cooled vege sticks, like carrots or beans or small cucumber sticks

  •   Rusks 

Once they get the hang of it try:

  •   Soft toast or bread fingers (thin slices or ‘soldiers’)

  •   Small portions of cheese

  •   Cooked pasta

  •   Soft cooked chicken slices

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Sarah's Comment

Love it now little bub can actually take the food to his mouth so great watching him be able to munch away on his little treats, the soft rusks are a favourite of his :)

Julie 's Comment

I made the banana biscotti recipe in the 'Baby food and beyond' book for Max this weekend, fantastic finger food, he loves them!

Katurina's Comment

I just want to know when is the right time to feed your baby the second time? is 5 or 5.30 late?

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Katurina,

There is no ‘right time’ of day as such to introduce the second meal. It all depends on you and your little one and what you suits you. Make sure they are not too hungry or tired, nor straight after have just had milk (as they may then not be interested in food). Some people do find earlier in the afternoon is easier, as bub is less tired, but you will know what is best for you. Just like you would have with the first meal, offer a small amount to start with, maybe even a few teaspoons, and build up from there.

Happy feeding! :)
The ForBaby team

Georgie's Comment

Hi there, when is it safe to give corn and peas to my baby? And how do I prepare it for them - is whole ok? Just concerned the skins are a bit chewy. Thanks :-)

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Georgie,

Peas and corn are a great food for you little one, but you are right that the texture and size needs to be considered. At around 8 months you should be able to introduced these foods, if you feel that your baby is OK with similar pieces of food – i.e. they are currently taking chopped, grated, soft lumpy foods. Peas are of course able to be mashed, so you can try this first. Cooked peas and corn well so that they are very soft, and make sure they are cooled.

The ForBaby team

Kristalee's Comment

Hey, when is it ok to give my baby oranges and kiwi fruit? And is it to acidic for her little belly?

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Kristalee,

Thanks for your query.

From around 8 months you can introduce oranges and kiwifruit to your babies diet, just make sure they are peeled and cut into small bit size pieces and for the oranges all the pips and rind are removed. You may notice some of the supermarket bought baby food contains kiwifruit which may be given to a baby earlier than if prepared at home and this is because the commercial cooking process makes them easier to digest. Here is a good guide which list which foods can be introduced at different ages for your baby

Hope this helps! :)
The ForBaby team

Tracey's Comment

Hi my baby is now 7 months and I note he can now have yoghurt. What is the best one to start on, is Greek ok? Tracey

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your query.

Yes, now that your wee boy is 7 months he can start eating yoghurt and plain greek yoghurt is suitable choice to start on. Remember children under the age of two should eat full fat dairy products, so avoid any low fat, diet or ‘lite’ options at this stage. There is no need for special ‘baby’ yoghurts, although these tend to be smooth and have quite a bland flavour.

We hope this helps, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us 0800 55 66 66.

The ForBaby team

Hania's Comment

Hi, is this anchor greek style yoghurt natural is good for 7 months baby?

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Hania,

Thanks for your question and please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to you. It is recommended that children under the age of two should eat full fat dairy products, so you should avoid low fat, diet or ‘lite’ options at this stage. There is however no need for special ‘baby’ yoghurts, although these tend to be smooth and have quite a bland flavour. I hope this gives you some guidance but if you would like to chat to us further about particular yoghurts please feel free to call us on 0800 55 66 66.

Thanks, the ForBaby team

Hania's Comment


Teresa's Comment

Hi, my baby has recently started completely rejected being fed with a spoon. He likes trying to feed himself with a spoon, mostly unsuccessfully though. So I've started trying to give him food he can eat by himself. Could you give a couple more examples than are above? I feel like there aren't that many things he can eat at this age that are safe for him to feed himself.

Reply from The for Baby team

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your message. It sounds like your little one is starting to exert their independence at mealtimes! Have you tried giving your baby their own soft baby spoon to hold while you are spoon feeding them also?
Can we please check your baby’s age, so we can give some more safe age appropriate finger food examples?
Or alternatively could you please private message us your contact number so one of our nutritionists can give you a call to discuss finger food examples?

Kind regards,
The for Baby team

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