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Wattie’s and Plunket – Working Together for New Zealand Children

Wattie's and Plunket's 30th Anniversary

We’re celebrating an amazing milestone – a 30 year partnership helping make the difference of a lifetime for kiwi tamariki.

Plunket’s relationship with Wattie’s actually stems back to 1958 when Wattie’s started a production line of baby food. James Wattie (Wattie’s Founder) immediately got involved with the “world renowned Plunket Society” and together developed great nutritional options for whānau.

Fast forward to 1990, our relationship with Wattie’s was officially formalised and reinforced when we co-launched Wattie’s-Plunket Baby Foods. Today, Wattie’s continues to support Plunket and New Zealand whānau. Along with providing funds to help keep Plunket’s services running, Wattie’s and Plunket also work together providing helpful information and resources for whānau about infant nutrition and starting solids, in line with the NZ Ministry of Health guidelines.


The names Wattie’s and Plunket, two well recognised brands that are as familiar to New Zealanders as pavlova and the All-Blacks. 

For most of us, the Plunket nurse measured our first few years of growth and development, and Wattie’s® Baby Food was a regular feature on our menu.

It was therefore no surprise when over twenty nine years ago the two organisations formalised their relationship and launched the range of Wattie’s-Plunket baby foods. The partnership has proved extremely beneficial to both organisations, and more importantly, New Zealand whānau have gained from the partnership.

As a charity, Plunket provides many volunteer-run services in communities around New Zealand - including parenting education, parent groups, toy libraries and family centres. These services are provided in addition to the government-funded Well Child Tamariki Ora service through fundraising, grants and partnerships. The financial support Plunket receives from select Wattie’s® Baby Food sales, contributes towards many of the additional services that Plunket provides for whānau around New Zealand.

Wattie’s and Plunket work together providing helpful information and resources for caregivers about infant nutrition and starting solids, in line with the NZ Ministry of Health guidelines. From Wattie’s perspective, Plunket’s input into product development is equally valued and welcomed. Wattie's baby food is designed to provide a variety of age appropriate ingredients, flavours and textures as a complement to homemade baby food 

When Plunket first associated its name with the Wattie’s Plunket range of baby foods in 1990, Plunket and Wattie’s sought advice from some of the country’s most reputable nutrition experts.

Wattie’s Baby Foods are enjoyed by thousands of New Zealand infants every year and Wattie’s has a responsibility to ensure its products are of the best possible quality. Plunket’s input is an important part of this.

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Bhargavi's Comment

Where should i buy this

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Bhargavi,

Thanks for your enquiry.

Wattie’s baby food (cans, jars and pouches) are available in most supermarkets – and every time you buy Wattie’s baby food, you’re not just getting a nutritious meal for your baby, you’re helping us support Plunket :)

The ForBaby team 

Huey's Comment

I was looking to buy the baby spoon, but i cannot find it in my area, can you post advice? I in mid Canterbury

Reply from The ForBaby team

Hi Huey

Thank you for your query. Please can you send us a message on our contact us form and we can help you :)

Thank you

The ForBaby team

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