Complan is rich in essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain a balanced lifestyle. There may be times when you can’t stomach a full meal, but it’s important that you still get all the right nutrients. This is when Complan is a good option. Complan can be a quick and easy way to include extra energy and nutrients in your diet, particularly for new Mums or during pregnancy. It’s a formulated meal replacement drink, and can be used as an occasional meal replacement or in between meals such as in a smoothie.

One glass every morning will help supply the essential vitamins and minerals you need for the busy day ahead like:

  • Vitamin C, Iron and Iodine for wellbeing
  • Calcium and Vitamin D for bone health
  • Zinc and Selenium for immune support

Complan comes in 500g boxes in four flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Double Chocolate.

Just mix the Complan Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry flavoured powder with water for a delicious drink.  For a creamier drink prepare with milk when you need some extra energy and nutrients.

The Double chocolate flavour provides a low lactose option.  It is intended to be mixed with soy milk for a low lactose meal replacement drink. 

Complan is a formulated meal replacement and is not intended as a total diet replacement.

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