09 July 2014

Holiday tips for travelling with babies & littlies

However you’re travelling from A to B, these tips can help you prepare for a more comfortable journey with littlies:

  • Remember, as tempting as it is to keep driving while giving your child a snack to eat, it’s dangerous letting them eat when your eye is on the road and not on them! Stop the car for regular food and drink breaks so everyone gets a chance for safe refreshments.
  • Take extra bottles of water on road trips – you never know when you might get delayed with thirsty babies or toddlers in the car!
  • Supermarket baby food is excellent to take on long trips. It keeps safely at room temperature and is sterile until you pop open the lid on the jar or pouch. Just pack a soft baby spoon and you have a handy meal-on-the –go.
  • Vegetable & fruit pouches can be an excellent snack for babies and older children too – an easy way to get more veggies in!
  • Take baby wipes to keep grubby hands and faces clean
  • Take a few plastic bags to place rubbish and uneaten food scraps into
  • If travelling with children who drink cow’s milk or toddler milk drinks, never travel with cups or bottles of pre-prepared or fresh milk - bacteria can thrive at warmer temperatures. Instead, take fresh water in clean bottles or cups (with lids), carry toddler milk drink powder separately & mix into water just before serving.
  • Easy and satisfying snacks for on the go:

Pack food in small containers, pop into a snap lock bags, or in lunch wrap to keep clean and fresh. To keep chilled food safe, pack in a cooler bag with an icepack:

  • Wrapped cheese sticks or cheese slices
  • Fruit with easy peel skins like bananas & mandarins, or pre-cut slices of fruit
  • Pre-cut carrot and celery sticks (suitable for older kiddies)
  • Small packs of soft dried fruit
  • Home-made mini peanut butter sandwiches
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Monkey rolls: slice of bread wrapped around half a banana
  • Puffed rice cakes or crackers
  • Squeezy pouches: yoghurt, fruit & vegetable mixes
  • Punnets of berries in season- blueberries or chopped strawberries
  • And finally especially during the winter months, pack extra blankets in the car or to take on plane - when the temperature drops it can get pretty chilly.

Are there any other handy travel tips you’d like to share?

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