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Breastfeeding is best for babies. Breast milk provides the ideal balanced nutrition and protection for babies. A healthy balanced diet is important to help mothers prepare for and maintain breastfeeding. Introducing partial bottle feeding may adversely affect breastfeeding by reducing the supply of breast milk and reversing a decision not to breastfeed is difficult.  Infant formula should be prepared and used as directed because unnecessary or improper use can be harmful to the health of the baby. Social and financial implications, such as issues of convenience and cost to the household, should be considered before selecting a method of feeding.

If you are considering using infant formula, it is important to discuss this with a health professional. 

This information about infant formula is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

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Formula Feeding

Bottle Feeding - Nutrition for babies from birth

The first year of your new baby’s life is a time of intensive growth and development. Most babies triple their birth weight in the first year - so even though they have such little bodies, it’s no wonder they need so much energy to grow!  Breast milk is the best for your baby, however if you decide to mix feed or move on from breastfeeding, you will need to feed your baby a suitable infant formula for the first 12 months.  

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Formula Feeding