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Breastfeeding is best for babies. Breast milk provides the ideal balanced nutrition and protection for babies. A healthy balanced diet is important to help mothers prepare for and maintain breastfeeding. Introducing partial bottle feeding may adversely affect breastfeeding by reducing the supply of breast milk and reversing a decision not to breastfeed is difficult.  Infant formula should be prepared and used as directed because unnecessary or improper use can be harmful to the health of the baby. Social and financial implications, such as issues of convenience and cost to the household, should be considered before selecting a method of feeding.

If you are considering using infant formula, it is important to discuss this with a health professional. 

This information about infant formula is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

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Changing to Heinz Nurture® Toddler Milk Drinks

Changing from one type of milk to another can sometimes be a bit daunting. As with any dietary change, your toddler’s tummy may be unsettled for a few days or more. If you want some advice or support, you can contact your healthcare professional, call our Careline for personal support on 0800 55 66 66.

Nurturing happy tummies or your money back

If you have tried changing your child to Heinz Nurture® Gold, Follow-on formula, Toddler or Junior Milk Drinks, or Heinz Nurture® Original Follow-on formula or Toddler Milk Drink, and think that it isn't gentle on your little one’s tummy, then call our Consumer Services on 0800 55 66 66. They can help with advice on making the change or if required, a full refund of the purchase price.

Our team will take your details, and may provide you with Freepost details to send us the can and remaining product, along with your supermarket receipt or proof of purchase. Our Consumer Service team will validate your refund details and refund the full purchase price via a cheque.

Product needs to be purchased in New Zealand from 18th January 2016 to 31st December 2017, and refunds claimed through our Careline within 30 days of purchase. Only one can of Heinz Nurture® product will be redeemed per family, unless arranged earlier with our Consumer Services team. For the full terms and conditions click here. 

Click here for information on Heinz Nurture® products.